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For Those who Sincerely Desire to Improve


Dr. Steven Cofrancesco, PhD has consulted both nationally and internationally on strategy, corporate governance, strategic management, and evaluation. He has worked in the public sector as an economic development specialist where he participated in the strategizing and evaluation of city-level projects. Steven was also a United States Peace Corps volunteer in the former Soviet Republic of Turkmenistan where he developed a curriculum for a business education teacher's manual, and is bilingual (English/Russian). He has owned and operated a successful small business, and has significant board experience. In short, Dr. Cofrancesco has been involved in management and business for more than 25 years, owning and operating a successful small business since 18 years of age.


Dr. Cofrancesco's Resume

Dr. Cofrancesco's dissertation: The Complex Social Nature of Strategy Formulation



Strategy Formulation

Dr. Cofrancesco's own method of strategy formulation (TOPS©) produces a customized, theory-based solution for your unique organization. This means we use your amazingly deep knowledge, skills, wisdom, and relationships throughout your organization, as well as those outside, to develop a strategy that separates you from your competition while passionately achieving your mission. Then we implement it together!

Program Evaluation

Steven's theory-based program development is the gold standard of program development, providing complex social programs the ability to produce on-target services. Customized evaluations of your programs are also performed for various needs, enhancing credibility for your program and organization, increasing likelihood of future funding, and most importantly enhancing results for the people you serve. 

Oversight and Accountability

Organizations are increasingly transparent and subject to scrutiny. Dr. Cofrancesco conducts oversight and accountability assessments of corporate boards, board members, and CEOs to enhance your credibility and therefore your reputation. These assessments can be used to tout your great performance,  with confidentiality in order to improve performance, or to identify misconduct.

Cognitive and Behavioral Training 

Dr. Cofrancesco's trainings/education on human cognition and  behavior will provide your organization with the type of thinking and relationships necessary for longrun sustainable competive advantage.